If something is important enough, a little mistake isn’t going to ruin it all, or make it vanish. It might not be perfect, but the first step is actually building the station. Right? Otherwise trains won’t stop there. And you can’t meet the person who means so much to you. If you find some defect, you can adjust it later, as needed. First things first. Build the station. A special station just for her. The kind of station where trains want to stop, even if they have no reason to do so. Imagine that kind of station, and give it actual color and shape. Write your name on the foundation with a nail, and breathe life into it. I know you have the power to do that. Don’t forget — you’re the one who swam across the freezing sea at night.

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, Haruki Murakami







The iPod Classic has been removed from Apple’s online store, which marks the end of an era for Apple. Read a report from 9to5 below.

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NO. NO. NO. I…

actually going to the apple store tmrw to buy like four ipod classics just to have as back ups until technology allows me to stream music directly into my brain


great video our friend josh captured on vhs-c of some of our set in santa barbara at the end of our west coast tour earlier this month. 


1. Tanker

2. Turn to One

3. Ask Me

4. (Slow) Black Cloud

probably all four of these will be on the record, which we’re beginning work on in a few weeks. the normal version of Black Cloud will be our next 7”. 

love & trash,


here is a video of my band playing some songs in santa barbara