The second single from LA neat guys Heathers is out today and it’s as sickly catchy as it is searingly fuzzy. Like its predecessor “Teenage Clothes”, the pace of a-side “Fear” is quick and melodic, but this time Heathers have packed on few more buckets of noise. Those waves of effects-laden guitars in the chorus meeting up with the distinctly more saccharine, treble-at-11 jangling strums on strums on strums of the verses are so perfectly Gedge-y it’ll make your head explode. B-side “Life Is Elsewhere” rides similar, yet significantly stormier waters—it wouldn’t be a far cry to call it Heathers’ “Blonde”; I’ve been listening to a lot of Weddoes today, does it show?

Still, the visceral success of both tracks obviously lies not in their happening to pair well with early 90s Wedding Present, but more those moments where Michael’s vocals reach as far as they can, stressing and straining. The resulting feeling is not so unlike the the amazing dissonant charm of a blown out amp trying its fucking best. Heathers have definitely put on some muscle and, gurl, ya look good.

Get it from Death Party now! Like right now.

The darling Skatterbrain had some lovely things to say about our new single :)

my band put out its second 7” last week hooray!